Passionately creating worlds

We are two bavarian brothers developing video games since 2014.
Our flagship project is LITIENGINE, the puristic open-source Java 2D game engine,
which we have used many times to create 2D video games.
From game jam entries to commercial games – LITIENGINE can be utilised in manifold ways.

Meet gurkenlabs


Steffen Wilke

Steffen is a seasoned software developer with many years of professional experience.
With his pixel art skills, he also breathes life into our characters and environments.

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Matthias Wilke

Still a university student, Matthias is our secretary and formal company owner.
He contributes the soundtrack to our games and specialises in UI and level design.

Support our work

We believe in open source software.

For that reason, a lot of our work is available entirely free of charge
and open for unrestricted modification and redistribution.

If you share our love for open software and want to support us creating games,
you can sponsor us individually via the GitHub Sponsors program.

If you want to fund the ongoing development of LITIENGINE,
please consider donating to the LITIENGINE OpenCollective.

Our Portfolio


Our open source Java 2D game engine consists of two components: A lightweight Java library that provides basic game infrastructure, and the dedicated project management tool and map editor utiLITI.

Pumpkin Keeper

Keep your pumpkins alive and scare off rival farmers
in this action-based farming simulator.
Grab your trusty watering can and make sure
your pumpkins live through the day.

Made during LDJAM 46.

Servus Bonus

Play the tale of a slave monger with only one wish… to get admission to the great Roman open-air bath. Coming from the slums of Memphis, you have a long way of hardship before you. Gain respect by becoming the greatest slave monger of the Imperium Romanum.

Made during LDJAM 44.

GoIn - Behave or GET LOST!

You manage a night club. Keep paying customers happy
by throwing out guests that don’t behave.
If a person’s personal space is invaded, they get dissatisfied
and stop spending money.

Made during LDJAM 42.

Naughty Elves

Santa’s minions have stolen all the Christmas presents to keep them for themselves!
Knock out the Elves with snowballs to return the presents to their rightful recipients.

Naughty Gnomes

Pesky circus gnomes have stolen your clown nose!
Wait for the perfect moment to hit the gnomes with cake in order to recover your nose.

Made during LDJAM 38.

DR. LEPUS - The Last Rabbit On Earth

Help DR. LEPUS salvage electric devices in order to repair the LEPOTRANSFORMATOR. Shapeshift into a rabbit to overcome the hordes of blood thirsty zombies, and remember…. Aim for their heads!

Made during LDJAM 35.