Happy UGA!

Gurkenlabs pixelart birthday cake

Today’s the day! It’s Matthias’ birthday. For this special occasion I’d like to sing a song: Happy UGA to you, happy UGA to you, happy UUUGA dear Matthias, happy UUUGA to you! Have a good one! Steffen

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Liti Artwork

In the last couple of days I found some time to pursue an old hobby of mine: Sketching & Drawing. I was thinking about a possible subject for my first sketch, when I came to the the conclusion that LITI needed some artwork. So I prepared my sketchpad, installed new…

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The Sound of LITI

Liti warrior dancing

For the last few weeks, we have constantly been working on LITI. Our brand new mouse control alongside hundreds of other improvements have brought us significantly closer to a playable version of the game. Of course, every game needs sounds; For that reason, I have recently begun working on LITI’s…

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