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Senior Developer


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Developer, Pixel/Sound Artist

Gurkenlabs – The bavarian indie game laboratory

We are Steffen and Matthias from Germany, and gurkenlabs is the indie game developing project we pursue in our free time.

Video games have accompanied us and given us tons of enjoyment for our whole life. The both of us are currently students at university, with our respective fields of study being computer-science related stuff. Soon after we both had become familiar with programming, we had the growing desire to create our own game one day.

In early 2014, during semester break, we met for some sessions of excessive gaming and – empowered by Bavarian weiss beer – started to work out an early prototype of what would later become Liti. With no experience in video game design however, the project stagnated and was abandoned until almost a year later. When we spontaneously met in Steffen´s tiny dorm room for another night of gaming and devouring loads of pizza, we remembered our forgotten project and decided to revive it, but not without developing a proper concept first.

With the main features clarified, we soon started rebuilding all the code we already had and put huge effort into building a nice game engine before dealing with the actual game´s content. Liti´s engine is our pride and joy, as we´ve completely written it from scratch in Java 8, restricting the use of external libraries to a bare minimum.

Now we´ve decided to take things “to the next level” and advertise our work, so people will actually acknowledge it some day. We will see where future is taking us, but it sure is going to be one hell of a ride!

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  1. “empowered by Bavarian weiss beer”… love it!

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