Naughty Elves OUT NOW!

Hi guys! It’s Steffen and Matthias again!
We’ve been working on a christmas game for a few months now and it is now time to reveal to you:

Naughty Elves!

Naughty Elves Banner


The game is based on our submission for LDJAM38 and was, of course, developed in our self written 2D Java Game Engine: The LITIengine


Naughty Elves is a tactical 2D Puzzle game. Set sometime around Christmas, Santa’s elves have stolen all the presents to keep them for themselves.
You play as Santa, trying to save Christmas. Knock out the elves with snowballs to retreive the presents so that the children of the world can celebrate a peaceful Christmas!

Gameplay (a.k.a. “why shouldn’t I just download the jam game for free?”)

The basic gameplay of Naughty Elves is, of course, the same as in the Jam version: You walk around the elves’ huts and try to throw snowballs through the doorways.
But there are some major improvements to what you’ve seen in the jam version:

  • Improved controls: No more chunky mouse aiming! Just turn Santa in the desired direction and throw! (this also means that Naughty Elves comes with full controller support.)
  • Improved technology: Since the game is made with LITIengine, it benefits from every single change we’ve made to the engine this past half year.
    Thus, and because we’ve rewritten most of the messy game jam code from scratch, the game is more stable.
  • New Content: The gameplay is now much richer due to
    • Three new enemy types with different abilities
    • A new “weapon”: the candy cane that stuns elves on impact
    • Mooooore levels gradually increasing in difficulty
    • Interactive objects like teleporters and buttons that require you to time your actions perfectly
    • Achievements: Collect Steam achievements to brag among your friends!
  • New look: We’ve completely overhauled the game’s setting, changing it from creepy clowns and gnomes to an atmospheric christmas theme.
  • Christmas: Come on, what kind of monster are you? Haven’t you been convinced by Christmas already? Christmas, son…



Naughty Elves Screenshot
Naughty Elves Screenshot
Naughty Elves Screenshot
Naughty Elves Screenshot

Get Playing

The game was released via Steam on Dec. 07 for the price of 4.99$ / 4.99€. Add it to your wishlist now, maybe Santa will fulfill your wish!
Naughty Elves on Steam
Naughty Elves landing page

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