Ludum Dareeeeyy 38, we did it again!

LDJAM 38 Gurkenlabs

Ludum Dare Game Jam 38 (LDJAM38)

We’re proud to announce that we participated in our second Ludum Dare Game Jam, the LDJAM38. This time, we took a step back from shooting and zombies and created a 2D puzzle game called Naughty Gnomes. Check out the game page HERE.

Naughty Gnomes

Naughty Gnomes Banner

The theme this time was “A small world“, so we decided to create a game about a clown that got his nose stolen from naughty gnomes. They took the nose to their living places where the clown can only reach them by throwing cakes at them (because he’s too large, you know 🙂 ). When all gnomes got hit by a cake they will give back the clown’s nose which makes him celebrate his victory the clowny way.


To get a first glance at the game, here is a screenshot for you.

Naughty Gnomes Screenshot Gameplay 2

Download & Play

The game is entirely free to play. If you like it, you might want to support us on Patreon or via Paypal!

Make sure to vote if you were also part of the LDJAM 🙂
Ludum Dare 38 Game Jam Entry

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