Happy Goat


“Happy Goat is a little project I started in winter 2014, when I decided to refresh my Java skills for a due homework at university.
It is a game for Android and PC, imitating the successful concept of Flappy Bird.
The game is not entirely written from scratch by me; I followed a tutorial on how to make a Flappy Bird clone at kilobolt.com .
With some crucial changes to the core game (most notably, goats.), I was able to give it a more personal touch and make it my “baby”.
There is a very advanced version of the game already available, but I do not plan to release the game in Google´s Play Store until
I am absolutely satisfied with the product. At the moment, Happy Goat´s development has kind of been paused, as gurkenlabs is absolutely
focussing on bringing a playable Version of “Liti” to your PC.
But stay tuned, Happy Goat will return!”
Update, 08.06.2015:

A desktop version of Happy Goat is now available for download at our DOWNLOAD page.
Feel free to give us feedback about the game!
This is not the final product, this is a WORK IN PROGRESS.

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