About This Game

A terrible catastrophe has wiped out millions of humans, the world lies in ruins.
In his last effort to survive, Dr. Lepus needs to leave the safety of his laboratory behind and go on his final journey to salvation.

A zombie-defiying arsenal of weapons

Dr. Lepus - weapons

Use Chainsaws, Flamethrowers, Shotguns and more to make a point.

Thousands of brain-hungry zombies

Dr. Lepus - zombies

Swiftly scurry through masses of rotten corpses and fulfil your destiny.

Unique shape-shifting mechanic

Dr. Lepus - shapeshifting

Once you’ve collected enough Carotine, transform into a cute little rabbit that strikes fear in the hearts of your foes.

Upgrades! (aww yiss.)

Dr. Lepus - upgrades

Collect brains and use them to upgrade Dr. Lepus’s stats such as vitality, damage or range.

Thrilling Bossfights

Can you overcome the unique monstrosities that this cruel world has created?

Athmospheric Soundtrack

Feel the post-apocalyptic blues with this selection of atmospheric tunes.

An Indie Treasure

We are only a team of two developers, so prepare for the following:

  • Hilariously cheesy sounds and voice acting
  • Feisty pixel graphics
  • Divinely well-formulated writing


Once more, we have pushed our proprietary LITIengine further to create a visually and technically impressive experience.
Visit https://litiengine.com/ for more info on our open-source Java engine for 2D games.

Ludum Dare(y)

The original version of DR. LEPUS was created as “DR. LEPUS – The last rabbit on earth” during 72 hours for the Ludum Dare game jam #35 in April 2016. It was praised for its fun gunplay, the characteristic pixel look and its humorous voice acting.
Visit http://ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-35/?action=preview&uid=67508 to play the game jam version.

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